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breakfast served until 3 pm everyday

Dungeness Crab Omelette                                                           15.5

dungeness crab, hass avocado, medium cheddar cheese


Goat cheese and Spinach Omelette                                             13.5

goat cheese, spinach, tomato


Salmon Benedict                                                                              14

lox, capers, scallion, hollandaise, multigrain english muffin


Breakfast Burrito                                                                              13

sausage, cheese, pickled jalapeno, eggs, tomato salsa, sour cream


Brioche French Toast                                                                       10

brioche, vanilla, seasonal fruit, maple syrup, maple butter


Biscuit and Gravy                                                                              11

pork sausage gravy, buttermilk biscuit, eggs










Market Burger                                                                                   12

1/3 lb painted hill beef, beacher's flagship, bacon, onoion jam, lettuce, aioli, brioche bun

add dungeness crab meat for 3


Dungeness Crab Sandwich                                                               15

dungeness crab, tomato, red onion, lettuce, mayo, brioche


Chicken Caesar Salad                                                                         9

chicken breast,  romaine, crouton, parmesan, classic caesar dressing


Turkey Sandwich                                                                               11

roasted turkey, bacon, avocado, mayo, balsamic onion jam, ciabatta roll


The Ultimate Grilled Cheese                                                            10

beecher's flagship, swiss, american and cheddar cheese, buttered brioche








lunch served 11 am to 3 pm everyday

Bacco fuses a mixture of pacific northwest cuisine with modern fare, refreshing the palettes of it’s customers in an invigorating nature.




We're open Everyday

7 am to 3 pm




86 Pine St. Seattle WA 98101

(1 st. & Stewart ave.)